• The VIP Drinks at Da Club

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    A few weeks ago a friend of ours had a birthday celebration at a club in downtown Chicago. Neither Her or I are of the clubbing type (and that includes baby seals) so we begrudgingly went. Lucky for us, there was no cover to get in before 9PM, so we were there nice and early. I do have to admit that clubs suck when they’re empty.

    The club itself was pretty nice, but again, not our style. After I had a few overpriced Miller Lites (still the cheapest beer there), I wandered into an empty VIP lounge. Scattered among the tables of the lounge space were champaign buckets that had menus of the VIP drinks. I was just un-inebriated enough to take this picture of it…

    The top bottle, the ‘L’ Exclusive de Ruinart, would run you just about $3,000! If I bought that, I sure as hell would expect to take every woman home (if I were single, and a pimp, of course) after we imbibed that sort of liquid gold.

    I also had no idea how much Cristal cost, and that there were even different varieties and sizes. I guess that’s why I’m not a rapper. Well, that and I have no flow.


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