• The $125 Load of Laundry

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    A couple of months ago we discussed whether or not it was worth it to have our laundry send out versus doing it ourselves. Fear not, loyal readers (or first timers, I guess); we have not succumbed to the temptation to have someone clean our clothes.

    But maybe we should have.

    The other day we were doing laundry and Her plunked down a full laundry basket in front of me to be loaded into a washer, while she went and attended to another washer. I diligently emptied the dirty laundry into the triple sized front loading washer, put the quarters and detergent in, and started the cycle. Her came up to me about ten seconds later.

    “Where are my keys?” she asked.

    “Why should I know?” I replied.

    “Well, they were on top of all clothes that were in that laundry basket.”


    Yep, I threw them into the washing machine…with the key fob that disarms the car alarm attached.

    “Seriously?” Her remarked, incredulous.

    Yes, seriously. The next day I had to go to the dealer to get a new key fob and pay for the labor charges for them to program it, a total of $125.

    At least the keys were clean.


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