• May 2007 Net Worth

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    April 2007May 2007% Change
    TOTAL NET WORTH-$59,903.97-$59,594.760.5%
    TOTAL CHANGE FROM JAN 2006+$41,538.16 
    TOTAL CHANGE IN 2007 (Goal of +$32,000) +$11,193.18 
    His SIMPLE IRA$7,759.60$8,205.015.7%
    His Roth IRA$6,616.65$6,815.283.0%
    His HSA$291.57$285.22-2.2%
    Her 401K$12,650.54$13,428.016.1%
    Her Roth IRA$3,878.46$4,267.9510.0%
    Automobile ?$9,970.00$9,970.000.0%
    Household Items ?$25,000.00$25,000.000.0%
    TOTAL ASSETS$75,626.24$77,817.512.9%
    Credit Card 1 (~0%)$355.09$395.6511.4%
    Credit Card 2 (Rewards)$2,681.96$4,837.5880.3%
    Student Loans$132,493.16$132,179.04-0.2%
    TOTAL LIABILITIES$135,530.21$137,412.271.4%

    On the surface, we’re looking at our worst month since we’ve started our blog. What these numbers do not reflect are more reimbursements from my work for this month, to the tune of $1,500.

    Also, you’ll notice the very large balance on the rewards card for the month. In April we asked Citibank to change the due date so that the statement closing date would fall as close to the end of the month as possible. They complied with my request, but in order to do so the statement closing date was pushed back another month, thus our current statement now includes two months worth of purchases.

    Yes, the other credit card balance went up. One of the stipulations of getting a 0% rate is that we have to make two purchases a month with the card. The month was winding down and when we did remember we needed to make a purchases on the card, we decided to just throw some parking and some groceries on the card. We’re going to be paying this card off next month, so the purchases are pretty moot.

    Our savings hasn’t seen that much this month because of a little vacation we took. While we did spend some money, it was in conjunction with one of my business trips, so most of it is going to be reimbursed anyway. I’ll explain the expenses of the trip in a latter post.

    Looks like we’re going to have to tighten up the wallet this month.


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