• Finances and Romance Don’t Mix

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    I’m sure you’ve seen this commercial for Chase bank. To sum up, a young woman gets her first paycheck, then immediately runs out to open her first checking account, of course at Chase. For some reason the scene cuts to her dancing around a fountain; apparently she got some good stuff that I didn’t get when I opened up a Chase account. She then proceeds to buy a puppy, walks down the street, pay bills, and have lunch with friends and pay for the bill like we do, but of course all of these actions are punctuated with her looking at her Chase account on her phone, on the computer, or an ATM.

    It is the last part of the commercial that really irks me. For your pleasure, I’ll post some screenshots of the final scene with some commentary…

    You’re gettin’ some tonight…

    Wait! I have to take this call.

    Oh, it’s just my other boyfriend Chase. Yay deposit!

    Sorry for the blue balls!

    Seriously? Who does that? What would you do if your make-out session were so rudely interrupted by your make-out partner for such a trite action?


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