• What Is It Like to Be You?

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    Him and I now make a combined income of (just barely) over six figures. This is far more than we’ve ever made before. At this new income level, life has become easier. We are able to make large payments toward our credit card debt, while saving a lot for our wedding and retirement. We can go out to a reasonably nice dinner on special occasions. We can use our rewards credit card and pay it off every month. We can buy new clothes when we need to. We could move to a slightly more expensive apartment if we chose to. If our car needed repairs, we could probably pay for them. Bill paying is no longer a stressful and depressing ordeal. We can buy nice gifts for our friends and families. But we still worry about money. Anything over $250 is a big expense to us. We can’t afford to take a big vacation, although we can swing a weekend camping trip or a night in a decent hotel. We have to save up for things we want.

    So, I am curious what it is like for others who earn more or less than us. How does money impact your daily stress level? How much freedom can you afford? Are you happy? How much money do you wish you made?


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