• Mother’s Day: The Aftermath

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    Sort of a grim title, huh?

    To make a long story short, everything went fine. We spent a whopping $50 on flowers, a card, some chocolates, and a home cooked brunch for four. Her made some blueberry pancakes and sausages (from my parents’ freezer no less) and set a nice table. I chopped up some onions, spinach, ham, and mushrooms and acted as the omelette guy, making custom made omelettes with the most awesomest omelette pan that Her gave to me for Christmas last year. Of course, to add in some Asian charm, my mother insisted that I fry up some of her homemade egg rolls (which went surprisingly well with the other breakfast items).

    My mom ended up being pretty happy about the whole ordeal and even said that our cooking brunch was cheaper and more relaxing than being out at a restaurant. We may have started a nice new precedent.

    It ended up being a very Happy Mother’s Day.


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