• April 2007 Net Worth – Slightly Drunk Edition

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    Working overtime stresses us both out. So we went to the dive bar about 47 steps away from our front door. We saw an old man…an old very drunk and very fat man…spectacularly fall the way only a fat and drunken man can. Some Samaritan hipsters helped him up. That was totally worth the $14.50 we spent on some beers.


     March 2007April 2007% Change
    TOTAL NET WORTH-$60,964.42-$59,903.971.7%
    TOTAL CHANGE FROM JAN 2006+$41,228.95 
    TOTAL CHANGE IN 2007 (Goal of +$32,000) +$10,883.97 
    His SIMPLE IRA$7,298.81$7,759.606.3%
    His Roth IRA$6,369.30$6,616.653.9%
    His HSA$683.94$291.57-57.4%
    Her 401K$11,814.38$12,650.547.0%
    Her Roth IRA$3,442.79$3,878.4612.7%
    Automobile ?$9,970.00$9,970.000.0%
    Household Items ?$25,000.00$25,000.000.0%
    TOTAL ASSETS$76,905.24$75,626.241.7%
    Credit Card 1 (~0%)$3,730.20$355.09-90.5%
    Credit Card 2 (Rewards)$1,381.52$2,681.9694.1
    Student Loans$132,757.94$132,493.16-0.2%
    TOTAL LIABILITIES$137,869.66$135,530.21-1.7%

    This month was WEAK. We decided to liquidate a chunk of our savings in order to put a BITCHSLAP on the credit card debt. We’ll knock the rest out when (if?!?!?) I get a summer bonus. IT’S TOTALLY WHEN AND NOT IF.

    I am going to attribute our WEAK showing to a few factors. (1) I used the rewards card for a business trip. I am owed more than a thousand George Washingtons from my employer. (2) FOGO DE CHAO. Like I said in an earlier post, I SHOULD JUST EAT MY PAYCHECKS LOL. (3) I’m still paying for my BIONIC KNEE. (4) We paid the entire year’s balance ($$DOLLAZ$$) for our renters and auto insurance. (5) Other reimbursable (GIMME DAT MONEYS BACK) medical expenses.

    The month of May will be interesting. I will go back to being stressed and listening to Feist.


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