• Listen to No One…I Mean Everyone…I Mean…

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    Many read personal finance blogs in hopes of learning about a juicy financial tidbit that will help skyrocket them to their dreams. In order to avoid any potential lawsuits, these blogs prominently display a disclaimer telling their readers that the writer does not, in fact, give financial advice, just juicy tidbits, and to therefore seek the advice of a professional before acting on said juicy tidbit.

    These same personal finance blogs, in order to provide you with your juicy tidbit, often tell the masses to avoid financial professionals for various reasons.

    So if you’re not supposed act upon the advice on personal finance bloggers, then should you do the opposite of what they’re saying? Or should you actually ask a financial professional for advice that the blogger told you not to ask for, potentially spiraling you into financial decay? Then maybe the blogger IS responsible and should get mauled by disapproving bunnies.

    (I’ve worked a lot of overtime this week. This is all I got.)

    Enjoy your Friday the 13th.


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