• Crying Over Spilled Meat

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    So last week we took Him’s parents out to dinner at Fogo de Chao, a brazilian cowboy meat emporium. None of us had ever been there before, but the concept is almost like a table-side buffet. Waiters in costume bring around large spears of meat, which they carve table-side. There is no menu; you simply accept or decline each meat offering as it comes to your table. The absence of menus made us unaware of the price of the meal. We also ordered a cheap bottle of wine and a single dessert to share. The total bill with tip came to OVER THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS.


    So was Him. Not wanting to cause a scene in front of our guests, we quietly paid the bill and left. Later when we got home, I expressed how upset I was (not at Him, just in general). I was so upset I cried. Him felt guilty, since he had made the reservation without looking up the average meal price. I don’t blame Him, since I did not look it up either. We have never spent that much on dinner, even for special occasions at fancy restaurants. We would never have gone there if we had known how expensive it was. This was far more than we budgeted for. While this won’t bankrupt us, it was a severe blow to the budget and devastating to the sense of financial control we had previously felt.

    This is the most upset I have been about finances in many months.


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