• Wedding Vendor to Us: “Cool Kids Don’t Stick to Budgets!”

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    This week a wedding vendor told us to be like the cool kids and forget about a wedding budget. Here’s how it went down (approximately).

    Her: Dear Vendor, how much do you charge?

    Vendor: MILLIONS of dollars, plus your KIDNEYS!!!

    Her: Oh dear! We can’t afford that. One of your competitors has offered to charge us just one tonsil for the same services. Can you match their price, which fits in our budget?

    Vendor: NO! And you should forget about your budget if you care about your guests. You are a BAD BRIDE if you don’t spend MILLIONS of dollars, plus your KIDNEYS! Anyway, I’ve never met a bride that came in on budget, so let me just tear that budget up for you and get started on your kidney removal…

    Her: AGGGHHHH!!!!

    I am tempted to send the vendor a link to this educational film, Your Thrift Habits. Enjoy!


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