• Money Discussions Still Uncomfortable

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    I can tell when something is bothering Him. Him gets all quiet and skulky, and last week Him had been skulky for over a week. Uh-oh. I finally pried out the problem: Money and Us. Yikes.

    Turns out I have been spending my allowance, plus some of our joint account money, on stuff that I thought was “for our house.” In Him’s opinion, that stuff was more “for Her’s house.” Stuff like a vase, a kitchen grater, etc. Yeah, it is stuff for the house, but I’m the only one who is ever going to use them!

    Him reminded me that I should use my allowance for stuff that only I want. We both talked about how the allowance can sometimes suck, because it seems we never have enough money to buy ourselves anything nice. The allowance basically covers a few lunches with co-workers or drinks with friends, but certainly not a nice piece of clothing or an electronic gadget. We’re both frustrated. At the same time, we don’t want to increase our allowances because we’re focusing on saving for the wedding right now. During our conversation, our emotions boiled over and it was hard to work things out.

    I was surprised that after all this time, we still have difficulty talking about money. It is a skill we will be working on forever, I guess.


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