• Help A Reader Out – 60 Years Old, No Retirement Funds

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    Reader Danny left this comment and emailed us (3 times, no less) with this question (edited for clarity):

    I wonder if any news magazines or newspapers have reported on another trend: older people who have no retirement funds, no big income coming in after they retire, because they worked all their lives at odd jobs and occasional jobs, and lived okay, but now at age 60 or so, like me, they have no retirement fund, no pension, no company benefits, nothing, nada. I am debt free, never been in debt, but I am basically in big doodoo for the future. If I live that long, from 60 to 80, I will have no income to speak of. What to do? Are others in this situation in the USA? Email me (ed: or leave a comment) and tell me what to do. I led a charmed life by the way, no regrets.

    Anyone have any suggestions?


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