• Finances and Dating: First Date(s) Expenses?

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    Personal finances bloggers loooove to say that having a significant other doesn’t have to be expensive. I’d argue that maintaining a relationship doesn’t cost a lot of money, but getting a relationship to that stage can be pretty costly.

    Her and I met in college, a time when we were both not making much money. Our first date was in a coffee shop on campus, where we sat and talked for a few hours. I’d say that the total cost of the date was under $10.

    I sometimes wonder how different this would be if we met after college, in a big city like Chicago. I know I would definitely have asked her out, but where would I take her for our first date? Dinner at Charlie Trotters, followed by a concert with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (ironically enough, we haven’t done either things yet since we’ve lived in Chicago)? A date like that could easily run $300.

    While I can imagine that many of you are already giving me your disapproving bunnies look, I’d say that dates like the one described aren’t that uncommon, especially in Chicago. Friends of mine have often lamented about the fact that dating can be so expensive. Personal grooming (as I have pointed out), dinner, and entertainment all can take their toll on your wallet.

    Here’s a few questions for you, dear readers:

    What was your most expensive first date? Or any date? Why did (or didn’t) you spend that much?

    For the date-ees: Were you ever taken on expensive dates? How did you feel about that?


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