• Drinks On Us, Flights On You

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    Ever since we’ve received the Citibank AAdvantage card, we’ve been thinking of all of the possible ways that we could maximize our mileage. Thus I present to you this case study: Happy hour.

    The last few weekends, my co-workers and I have been extending happy hour to a happy 5 or 6 hours. Sometimes only a few of us go, but on other occasions we’ve had a crowd of 15 or more people. Most people don’t stay past the first hour and only have one drink; others tend to stick around for a few more drinks and order food. When people leave they throw in whatever amount they owe – I’ve been the money collector more than once and I’ve never needed to ask for more to cover the bill. In fact, on occasion people overpay (in which we all agree that the extra should just be added to the tip).

    Normally I contribute to the bill using my personal allowance money to fund my libations, but the last few times the bill came close to $500. During those times I assumed my position as the money guy, and saw there was enough to cover the bill. Instead of paying with cash, I paid with the mileage rewards card. I then pocketed the cash, and the next day I deposited it into our account and put it into our savings account where it earns interest until the bill comes.

    I just hope I don’t become an alcoholic just for the miles.


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