• Decorate Your Wedding Car for Under $8

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    There are lots of companies that sell “wedding car decorating kits” for upwards of $50. Save your money and do it yourself. Here’s how.

    What you need:
    (18) tin cans (saved from soup etc.) lids removed, rinsed
    (6) 9′-0″ spools of 1/12″ wide ribbon
    (1) 1/2″ dia. wood dowel

    1 sharp nail or screw
    1/2″ drill bit (the kind that looks like this:)


    Step 1
    Make sure cans are clean and dry. Turn each can over and use the hammer and sharp nail to tap a dent into the center of the bottom of the can. This will keep the drill from slipping around.

    Step 2
    Next, center the drill bit in the dent and drill a hole in each can. Drill only until the center point of the bit has gone through the can, do NOT drill through with the outer parts of the drill bit. You want to end up with a 1/4″ hole, not a 1/2″ hole.

    Step 3
    Unroll the ribbon from each spool and cut into 3 equal lengths (approx 3′-0″ each). For each ribbon, tightly roll up one corner of ribbon and thread it through the hole in the can. Use the pliers to pull the ribbon through until it extends just past the inside edge of the can. Tie a thick knot inside the can. Gently pull the ribbon back through the hole, being careful not to snag or tear the ribbon. Repeat for each can.

    Step 4
    Tie the loose end of each ribbon around the dowel. Space the ribbons evenly across the dowel.

    Step 5
    Toss the dowel into the trunk of the car, close the trunk and TA-DAH! Instant car decoration.

    The total cost of this project can be under $8. Choose ribbon that is on sale for 99 cents, so the ribbon is only $6.00. The dowel is another $1. The cans are free. No need to spend $50 on a car decorating kit!


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