• NPR Highlights Debt Blogs

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    Our love for NPR, especially Chicago Public Radio, knows no bounds. We’ve attended a taping of Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me!, and we’re going to the This American Life live show next week.

    Every morning I wake up to NPR’s Morning Edition. Whether or not I decide to snooze is directly related to how interesting the particular news story is when the alarm goes off. Imagine my surprise when I heard that they were doing a short piece on debt blogs…

    …and heard our blog mentioned on the radio. Admittedly, it was only in passing, but since NPR is our primary source of…well everything from news to entertainment, we were pretty excited.

    Congrats to the other blogs that were mentioned as well:
    Single Mom and Money
    Stingy Student
    Defying Debt…in 2 Years (the teacher who moved to Thailand, I don’t think they mentioned this blog by name)
    Blogging Away Debt


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