• I’m Not Buying It This Week – Day 1

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    This week, “I’m not buying it.” This means I will not buy anything for a week. I started today and already it is a change. We went to Border’s today and I just enjoyed looking at different books and not buying anything. We passed the annual sale at Victoria’s Secret and I was temped to run in and stock up. For lunch, I thought several times about where I would like to buy lunch – until I remembered that I am Not Buying It. It is so easy to spend money recklessly!

    Why am I Not Buying It? Ever since Christmas, I’ve been feeling a little consumerism bloat. Then this weekend we watched An Inconvenient Truth, the Al Gore movie about global warming. It got me thinking about reducing my impact on the environment. We also went grocery shopping and it was just all so exhausting – the shopping, the hauling stuff in, the moving stuff around to make room for new stuff. So I’m going to try something different this week and not buy anything.


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