• I Love My Friends. Their Names? The Joneses.

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    Last weekend, we attended a house warming party for a friend of ours. They just bought a large condo in an up-and-coming neighborhood, and a week later he bought a 52-inch flat screen TV. At the party they were serving food from Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. The heat was turned up to 80F. It was great. Our price? $0.00.

    A few weekends ago a friend of mine picked me up in his brand new Nissan Murano. We drove to another buddy’s party where he had a keg and lots of hard liquor. We all got wasted. It was great. My price? $0.00.

    Another friend of mine bought a condo in another up-and-coming neighborhood over a year ago. He just bought a 42-inch flat screen TV. I go there all the time to watch sports games that our alma matter is in. Football is so much more awesome on a 42-inch flat screen. Every time I go over to his place, the cost is $0.00 (that’s not entirely accurate – I usually bring some beers with me, so whatever that cost is).

    There is so much that is said about not keeping up with the Joneses. Their lifestyles are very different from our Jewel and Dominick’s bought food, our vintage 850 square foot apartment with leaky windows, our thermostat at a maximum of 66F, our economical mid-size car, and 20 year old 27-inch television (with wood paneling, I might add). Admittedly, looking at their posh places, watching their large TVs, driving in their expensive vehicles, and eating their delectable food, I was a little bit jealous. But most of all, I am grateful that I have the kind of friends who invite me over all the time, regardless of the stuff that I own.


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