• Divided Household – Working Out A Serious Problem

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    When I first met Her, we both used the 1040-EZ form to do our taxes. We didn’t make a lot of money, so that was the easy way.

    Then we started to make a little more money. Taxes were becoming…computerized. Since at that point in our lives we weren’t ready to combine our finances, we diverged when it came to picking which tax software we used.

    She picked Turbo Tax.

    I picked Tax Cut.

    For years we did our taxes as separate entities, not foreseeing the impossibly great implications this may have meant down the road.

    Yes, Turbo Tax is looks more polished, but in the past there were reports that there was spyware attached to the program. Tax Cut does look like a Windows 95 program, and is sponsored by H&R Block, a company that we would never want anything to do with.

    Someone please explain to me: Why is Turbo Tax Federal + State always more expensive than Tax Cut Federal + State?

    Please help is in our time of need. We need to pick one tax program. For the sake of our relationship.


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