• 20/20 – How We Stayed Home To Watch This Crap

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    If you’re looking for a real review of the 20/20 show (read the 4 parts of it here, here, here, aaaand here) then maybe you should read Boston Gal’s, or No Limit Ladies, or Blogging Away Debt, or Frugal Law Student, or Kiss of Debt, or Money Turtle. If you post a review, please email me and I’ll include it here.

    So we stayed up for a little while last night to watch the TiVo’ed episode of 20/20: Flat Broke: Begging and Borrowing in America. Here are my thoughts:

    1. This show is aimed for retarded America. 20/20 is the reason why I try and limit my idiot-box watching to other mindless drivel such as The Office.

    2. If my “fashion sense” is as good as Matt Peterson, someone please kill me. See the glorious screengrab below:


    All I have to say is…is…is…at least I own my sweater. <latina headbob>OH NO I DIDN’T!!! OH YES I WENT THERE!!</latina headbob>

    3. How do I become an intern for 20/20? How much did that person get paid to do this:


    Honestly, that person did a great job of stacking all that. Although I can imagine John Stossel walking by and having his 80′s mustache knock it over. I hate that guy.

    4. Wonder what happened to the Petersons, the ones in debt? Suzie Peterson (but this is the internet, so it could be some guy in his mother’s basement) is actually contributing to the discussion of the show on the 20/20 message boards. On one thread she’s getting encouragement. But not on the other…

    5. I don’t really like grocery shipping as it is, but I will NEVER EVER EVER bring a walkie talkie with me to the grocery store. I’m okay with coupons though.

    6. Some debt collectors are douchebags. There is a special place in hell for them.

    I do think that the good ones are just trying to do their jobs. Some poor business lost money. Someone else didn’t pay. According to the show, it seemed like the good debt collectors were willing to work with the debtor to make things work. Poor guys, they’re just there in order to keep out of debt themselves.

    7. If all else fails and we can’t pay our debt, we can always make a sex tape and “leak” it to the internet, then sign up with a porn distributor to make a movie called “Nasty Debtcapades” or “Debtor Debutantes”.


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