• 2007 Financial Goals: We’re On Our Way!

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    With some difficulty, we’ve already made progress on our 2007 financial goals.

    One goal is to fund one of our Roth IRA’s 100% for 2007. Tonight we selected my Roth IRA (Him also has one), since I have very little in there now. We set up an automatic transfer to maximize the contribution. To max out my contribution I will put $333.33 into the account every month. We also could have split the funds and funded each account 50%, but by doing it this way we will maximize the benefit. By this time next year, I will have enough money in my Roth IRA to qualify for a reduced maintenance fee (annual savings: $10) and also meet the minimum investment required for most of the no-load, low-fee Vanguard funds ($3,000). This will allow us to start investing more efficiently. Next year we will re-evaluate to see how much to contribute, and to which of our accounts.

    Another of our goals is to pay off our credit card debt this year. Inspired by a comment from reader Mandy, we have decided to pay off some of them even faster. We’re going to pay off all our credit card debt that has an interest rate above 0% (about $6,600 of debt) as soon as we get the bills this month. This will ransack our savings account, but will save us about $350 in interest this year. And since the remainder of the credit card debt will be at 0% indefinitely, we can pay that off at our leisure.

    By taking these two steps, we have already ensured that our net worth will increase by about $13,000 next year. I feel good about that.


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