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    I’ve been doing some work on the site this weekend, so if you’ve been poking around the site today and you’ve noticed weird things going on, that may be the reason why. If you’re navigating around the site and you notice anything weird going on, please let us know.

    While many of the changes were administrative (such as upgrading to Movable Type 3.33 and updating all of the plug-ins I use for this site), I’ve done some things to (hopefully) make your experience here a little more enjoyable. Here’s a rundown:

    Live comment preview – Next to the comment input textbox you’ll see an area where you can preview your comment on the fly. I like that much better than clicking through to a preview. Instructions on how to do this was found on Learning Movable Type.

    Threaded (kind of) comments – Now you can reply to individual comments. The Simply Threaded plug-in allows for threaded comments in the style of the Vox blogging service. Next to the commenters’ names and permalink to comment, there is a “Reply to this comment” link that you can click on to reply to individual comments. While the output isn’t threaded in the traditional way, it makes following discussions a lot easier.

    Better, faster search – I’ve used the plug-in Fast Search for better, faster searches. Your search term will be highlighted so that you don’t have to wonder where in the post your search query is. I’ve also added some navigational tweaks to make searching go more smoothly. I’m trying to wrap my head around this plug-in, so I’ll be continually updating search as I figure it out.

    I have some other things coming up in the pipeline, so if you have any requests, please let me know. If your request isn’t too outside of my technical knowledge, then I’ll consider it.


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