• REIT ‘Em and Weep

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    I purchased 6 shares of Prologis (PLD) Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) on 10/15/2003 for $36.89 per share. Today it is worth $62.18 per share.


    This is an increase of over 68%!

    I first learned about REITs during a real estate class I took as an elective in college. A REIT representative came to our class and explained what a REIT is. A REIT is an investment company that manages a portfolio of real estate (usually large buildings like office and hotel towers, not single family homes) to earn profits for shareholders. He also hyped his company’s REIT as a “great investment!” This piqued my interest. Later I researched his company and discovered that it was probably not the money-maker he claimed it was. But during my research I found Prologis. It had very good projections and seemed to be managed responsibly, so I invested. I am very pleased with the performance of this investment. I am hoping that it will eventually split shares as it seems to be heading pretty high in price.


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