• November 2006 Net Worth

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     October 2006November 2006% Change
    TOTAL NET WORTH-$76,811.85-$74,995.012.4%
    TOTAL CHANGE FROM JAN 2006+$23,620.3824.0%
    His SIMPLE IRA$5,353.93$5,820.058.7%
    His Roth IRA$6,162.98$6,330.242.7%
    His HSA$821.84$407.38-50.4%
    Her 401K$8,762.37$9,718.0310.9%
    Her Roth IRA$1,684.52$1,683.92-<0.1%
    Automobile ?$10,170.00$10,045.00-1.2%
    Household Items ?$25,000.00$25,000.00-0.0%
    TOTAL ASSETS$70,251.95$71,311.071.5%
    Credit Cards$12,802.33$12,193.29-4.8%
    Student Loans$134,261.47$134,112.79-0.1%
    TOTAL LIABILITIES$147,063.80$146,306.08-0.5%

    This month wasn’t as strong of a month for us, for a few reasons. We had to spend over $300 for some car troubles we had, we traveled to see family over the Thanksgiving holiday, and we started our Christmas shopping. My HSA took a hit as I’m still paying off medical bills from my knee surgery. These things got in the way of savings, but we’ll catch up in the next few months. The important thing is that we haven’t accrued any more debt.


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