• Looking Ahead – Our Financial Goals for 2007

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    Yes, it’s that time of the year again – goal setting time! While 2006 was an okay year for us financially, we’re hoping to make 2007 even better. Here’s what we plan to set out to accomplish:

    1. Increase our combined net worth by $32,000.

    2. Contribute 50% of the maximum to our Roth IRAs.

    3. Pay off all of our credit card debt by November 2007.

    4. Come up with a retirement action plan that includes correct asset allocation, periodic re-balancing, and a re-assessing how much we’re socking away.

    5. Continue to make a payment to the student loans every two weeks, for an amount of half monthly minimum payment plus at least $100. That will ensure an extra $3000 is paid towards that debt.

    6. Have more fun with the money that we have left over!

    Need some help with your goal-making? Consumerism Commentary has a great post on goals and what they should mean to you.

    Have a happy and safe New Year’s! We’ll see you in 2007.


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