• Five Things, Happy Holidays!

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    The nice people at We’re in Debt has tagged us to tell you five things about us that you don’t know. Without further ado, I’ll go first:

    1. I really, really like snow pants. However I do not own any.

    2. My garden gnome has traveled around the world and I have photos to prove it.

    3. I once had a boss exactly like Michael Scott on The Office. He loved to give high fives. High five? I don’t do that jive.

    4. All of my pets have people names.

    5. I once received a food dehydrator as a Christmas gift. I was ten years old.

    Now for five things from Him:

    1. He has injured following parts of his body: thumb (fracture), elbow (fracture and dislocated), ACL (torn ligament), foot (hairline fracture).

    2. He has eaten the following deep-fried foods: olives, Oreo, Twinkie

    3. He first went bowling at the age of 19.

    4. He made his first batch of smoked spare ribs this summer.

    5. The only food that Him really doesn’t like are pickles. Sometimes raisins.

    We hope you have enjoyed our collective things about us that you probably didn’t know. We’re not tagging anyone else because…well we think everyone’s been tagged. Meh.

    We’ll be taking the holiday weekend off from posting and will resume in the middle of next week.

    Happy Holidays everyone!


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