• Spontaneity, Surprises and the Joint Account

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    Yes, the holidays have descended upon us, meaning the purchasing of gifts. This is probably the one time of the year that Her and I like to get something expensive special for each other.

    But when you share an account, how do you keep purchases secret? Both Her and I check our checking account on a daily basis, so any unexpected purchases need to be thoughtfully explained. It’s not really a secret if the online ledger says VICTORIA’S SECRET BATH AND BODY WORKS. How do I explain that?

    “Uh, my skin is really dry. And I really need to exfoliate. A lot.”

    “This lingerie is for…my boss?”

    This doesn’t just apply to holidays, though. Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

    If you share a joint account with your partner, how do you remain spontaneous? How do you surprise your significant other with a gift without raising red flags?


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