• October ’06 Net Worth

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     September 2006October 2006% Change
    TOTAL NET WORTH-$79,013.54-$76,811.852.8%
    TOTAL CHANGE FROM JAN 2006+$21,803.5421.4%
    His SIMPLE IRA$4,824.39$5,353.9311.0%
    His Roth IRA$6,374.96$6,162.98-3.3%
    His HSA$935.77$821.84-12.1%
    Her 401K$8,300.50$8,762.375.6%
    Her Roth IRA$1,643.34$1,684.522.5%
    Automobile ?$10,230.00$10,170.00-0.6%
    Household Items ?$25,000.00$25,000.00-0.0%
    TOTAL ASSETS$69,159.65$70,251.951.6%
    Credit Cards$13,523.20$12,802.33-5.3%
    Student Loans$134,649.99$134,261.47-0.3%
    TOTAL LIABILITIES$148,173.19$147,063.80-0.7%

    Because this is the new-fangled internet, I’ve linked certain categories to posts that explain how we got those numbers.

    UPromise has changed the way they report the balances accrued, so I’ve listed this balance the same as last months. In future net worth posts, this will probably disappear.

    I’ve added the change from January 2006, and will continue to do so in future postings. Since household items, automobile, and cash haven’t really changed, this gives a pretty accurate picture of how far we’ve come along. We tend to get a lot of “drive-by” visitors who don’t click through the archives to see where we started from. Looking at that number pleases me, but I know that in the future we can do much better.


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