• K-Fed on Bling as an Investment

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    Forget traditional investment vehicles such as stocks and marrying Britney Spears. In an interview with Salon last week, K-Fed explained how he’s investing in bling.

    Salon: The watch you’re wearing is worth more money than I’ve made in the last five years.

    K-Fed: That’s my baby. Whenever I made some money that’s the first thing I went and bought…My watch game is ridiculous — just jewelry in general. It’s an investment. I bought this [points to his watch], and it’s already gone up in value. All the jewelry I’m wearing has already gone up in value.

    Salon: You’re not planning on selling it anytime soon are you?

    K-Fed: Hell no. I ain’t getting rid of it. I’m going to go out and get some more. It’s great to be able to go and do that stuff, but you really sit back and think about it …

    See? Jewelry is an appreciating asset, even if you have no intention of selling it.

    Okay, so I really can’t write this with a straight face. We’ve learned two things here today:
    1. Jewelry is not an appreciating asset.
    2. Don’t take personal finance advice from Kevin Federline.


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