• The Cost of Clean Clothes

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    Laundry, like finances, is often one of those things that I wish would just take care of itself. While I love our apartment, it doesn’t have a washer/dryer in it, nor does our building have a community laundry room. That means that every three weeks or so, we have to carry 3 lampers (Yes, lamper – a cross between a laundry basket and hamper. We didn’t name it, that’s what the label said it was…) full of clothes down to the laundromat, which is thankfully less than half a block away. Another two hours there watching the clothes go round and round. Then the multi-trip exodus back to our apartment where the clothes are vomited onto disheveled piles on our bed, to be robotically folded neatly or hung on hangers for another half an hour. All in all, about a three hour ordeal.

    Sounds like a great time, doesn’t it?

    This weekend at the laundromat, I calculated that every time we do laundry ourselves, it costs $16.00. I then asked the woman who works there how much it would cost if we dropped off our laundry and had them do it for us. She replied that it would cost 0.60 per pound of laundry.

    I estimated that we have at least 60 pounds of laundry every three weeks. Let’s compare the math…

    Doing laundry ourselves:
    $16.00 X ~18 laundry days per year = $288

    Paying someone to do our laundry for us:
    60 pounds of laundry X 0.60 per pound X ~18 laundry days per year = $648

    Money we “save” by doing laundry ourselves: $360

    We spend about 54 hours a year doing laundry. That’s over TWO FULL DAYS.

    Do you think that our time is worth the extra savings?


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