• Saved My Watch, Saved Some Money

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    A few years ago my parents became empty nesters – then decided to embark on a European vacation to celebrate. During their travels they stopped at the home of Swatch in Switzerland, and bought me a watch. When they gave it to me, I was excited to be the proud owner of a Swatch watch directly from Europe…except that the watch isn’t anything that you can’t get in the USA. You can even buy it from the Swatch website. Anyway, my parents haven’t been known for their gift giving so getting a nice watch from them is kind of a big deal.

    I tend to really beat up the things that I own, and the crystal (the plastic/glass that covers the face of the watch) was littered with scratches and other gouges. A few days ago the bracelet (note: if the watch band is leather, it’s a strap; if it is metal, it is a bracelet) of my watch broke, leaving the watch to fall off right into the litter box that I was cleaning at the time. Yuck. I was bummed because the watch was really nice, and I didn’t really want to spend money on a new watch.

    Fortunately for me, I happen to work with a watch connoisseur. He suggested that I check out a store which is not too far from our work.

    When I arrived at the store I showed them my watch and they knew exactly what needed to be done. They had about half a dozen replacement bracelets for my watch – which they replaced and sized for me. They told me to hold on to the extra links, because if I had the old bracelet links I could have just used one link from that – good to know. Also, since the crystal of my watch is plastic and NOT glass, they buffed out all of the scratches and gouges from the crystal – for free. The people told me that it was normal wear and tear, and that I can come in anytime to have it rebuffed. When everything was finished, my watch looked brand new and all I had to pay for was the replacement bracelet – a reasonable $20. Not bad.


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