• Finances and Dating: Coupons

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    Since we’re engaged, I will never be able experience dating as an adult in a big city. Many bloggers talk about the financial dynamic that they have between them and a long-term significant other. But what about the bloggers who are looking for love?

    A few weeks ago I ran into a guy I knew in college on my way to work. There weren’t that many things that I remembered about him, but one stuck out. He wasn’t exactly smooth around the ladies, so naturally he was teased about going out on a date with a girl. On top of that, he announced that he was taking her to Steak and Shake – and had a coupon! Now I’m sure he didn’t invest the saved money, but rather spent it on beer later that night.

    Her and I use coupons for restaurants all the time, but we’ve been together for a long time. It is one of the ways that we can justify eating out once in a while at some of the more expensive restaurants in Chicago.

    You’re on a first date. Do you use a coupon? What do you think about the person who uses a coupon?


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