• Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

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    But you can stay warm for less!

    The cold weather is finally upon us, but last winter we tried lots of ways to cut our heating costs after getting hit with a huge heating bill early in the season. Here are some that worked for us:

    •Get an electric blanket and turn the thermostat way down at night. You might remember how “bony” electric blankets used to feel, but they really have improved recently. We found one with micro-wires that are literally imperceptible.
    •Get a programmable thermostat, and set it to turn the heat on only when you need it. A good one can be had for under $50.
    •Cover windows, especially drafty ones, with plastic film. It’s available pretty cheaply at any home improvement store.
    •If your heating registers are near the ceiling, direct the heat downward with a directional vent cover. These cost about $3 and stick on with magnets.
    •Have a room you seldom use? Cover the heating register with a magnetic panel to seal it off, and then close the door to the room.
    •During the day, open the drapes and blinds and let the sunshine in! At night, pull them fully across to stop drafts.
    •If you become cold while doing a passive activity like watching TV, get up and do some light exercise for a few minutes to warm up rather than turn up the heat.
    •Make your oven do double duty – an oven full of dinner can warm the whole kitchen.
    •And dad’s all time favorite… put on a sweater!

    We noticed a significant reduction in our heating bills after we implemented these easy tips. No more big bad heating bills for us!


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