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    Start saving your receipts, and you could save some serious cash! I never used to save receipts, but for the last year we have saved every single receipt – and saved over $125. Here are ways that saving receipts can help you save cash:

    • If you change your mind, you can return your purchase and get cash back.
    • There are a lot of errors on grocery store charges. If you scan your receipt and find an overcharge, you can get cash for the price difference, and may even get the item free.
    • If the item fails or is defective, you can usually return it for cash or credit.
    • You may need the receipt to make a claim on the warranty.
    • If the item later goes on sale, you can get cash back for the difference.
    • If you find a rebate offer after the purchase, you may still be able to qualify if you still have the receipt and packaging.
    • If the purchase was supposed to count toward any kind of rewards program, you may need the receipt if the purchase is not credited.
    • You may discover that the purchase qualified for a tax incentive, and may need the receipt for tax purposes.
    • You may want to resell the item at consignment or elsewhere. You can often get more for the sale if you can include the original receipt with the purchase price. Some consignment stores will not accept items without the receipt.

    In the last year, I have returned a garment that I changed my mind on, got store credit for a defective printer cartridge, got several grocery items free for being overcharged, got cash back when a vase from Pottery Barn went on sale a week after I purchased it, qualified for a “Free salad dressing!” rebate after I already bought the dressing, got credit for a Discover card promotion that I was originally not credited for, and got tax deductions for items I donated to charity. I estimate that by saving our receipts, we saved at least $125 this year.


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