• Promotion and a Raise!

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    A few weeks ago I was promoted! There were a hints dropped by my supervisor, as well as rumors from the higher-ups at my company. Hey, when you work at a small company of 30 people, word tends to travel pretty fast. It was pretty awesome to get a new batch of business cards with my new title on it.

    With the promotion came a salary increase. In fact, this would be the third pay raise in a little under two years. Since I’ve started, my pay has increased by 42.5%. This year alone my pay has increased twice, I got a bonus for referring a co-worker, a summer bonus, and I’m expecting another bonus in the winter. Including all of these bonuses, Her and I will breach a six-figure gross income this year. Whoa.

    The downside to all of this? I haven’t checked to see how these pay increases will affect the amount that I owe on taxes. I’m going to run all of my numbers through the IRS Withholding calculator and see how I’m doing. I’ll provide an update on Monday.


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