• It Pays To [Save Your] Discover [Advertisements]!

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    A few months ago I received a promotion from Discover Card: By signing up for automatic payment of my cell phone bill with my Discover Card, I would receive a $30 cash back bonus. I carefully read the promotion, signed up for automatic billing, carefully filed the promotional flier away with my Discover Card statements…and waited.
    I waited for 3 months for the $30 cash back bonus credit to appear. Nothing! Finally last week I called Discover, and they agreed that I had met the qualifications and should have received the bonus. The sales rep agreed to notify the proper department and credit my account. Finally today I see the bonus has been credited. But I never would have been able to argue my case without having saved both the promotional flier and my credit card statements.

    Moral of the story is, if you want to get credit for a promotion, make sure you save the original promotional offer. It is easy to file the flier along with your credit card statements, and then you will always know where to find it.


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