• 8 Year Old’s Billable Rate: $25/hour

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    When I was little, I loved playing Nintendo. In fact, that’s all I pretty much did. I was so good at some games kids would call me to help them get through a level of a game. Weirdly enough, a friend of mine called me during college to help him out…but I digress. I think that after watching The Wizard a million kids across the land wanted to compete in video game tournaments. I definitely thought that I could make some bucks as a professional video game player.

    At that time though, this would have been impossible.

    But not now. Victor De Leon III, an 8 year old boy from Long Island, teaches people how to play Halo. For $25 an hour. That’s awesome.

    For the record, ever since the thrid dimension was added to gaming I have sucked at games. Therefore, I royally suck at Halo.


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