• Lose your Chase Credit/Debt Card After Business Hours? You’ll Have to Wait Until Morning to Cancel

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    Last Friday we went out to dinner with a few friends from out of town. When we were waiting for our table I decided to run to the ATM and grab some cash to make things easier when the bill came.

    That was the last time I remember seeing my ATM card.

    Last night I opened up my wallet to put a coupon in it, and noticed that my card was missing. I looked around in the usual spots around the apartment to no avail, and then proceeded to backtrack my whole weekend. Turns out that I didn’t buy anything all weekend (!), so I never cracked open my wallet. My ATM card had to still be in the machine. Luckily for us, no one had made any puchases using my card.

    I grabbed Her credit/debt card and called the number on the back. I got a recorded message and navigated through the maze of menus to try and get connected directly to a Real Live Person (TM). Turns out that they only have people on staff from 7AM-9PM, local time; it was about midnight when I called, so I would guess that most call centers were closed (maybe not Hawaii?) Therefore, I could not report my card as missing or stolen!

    Credit card holders though, get special treatment. A dedicated 24-hour number is available to report missing/stolen cards. I tried calling that number and told them my situation, but was promptly transferred to the original number that I called.

    Him, meet run-around. Run-around, Him. Pleased to meet you.

    I checked our account again this morning, and to my relief everything is still in order. I cancelled the card, but I made it a point to ask whether or not they had a 24-hour number for reporting lost or stolen ATM/Debit/Credit cards. The representative told me what I already knew about their hours of operation, but assured me that they [Chase] wouldn’t leave me hanging if something did happen. Yeah, right.

    According to the Chase Visa Check Card page, there is zero liability on unauthorized transactions when Chase is notified promptly.

    I guess promptly means between the hours of 7AM-9PM. A lot can happen in the eight hours that they are closed for the day.


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