• Lose Weight, Save Money!

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    About a month ago we decided to go on a health kick to lose weight and improve our appearances. For our weight loss plan, we are using free software to track calories, resulting in a plan of good old fashioned diet and exercise. One unexpected positive benefit is all the ways this is saving us money!

    •We’re eating fewer calories, so we purchase fewer groceries.
    •We’ve eliminated “splurge” food purchases like the expensive premium ice cream we used to buy several times a week.
    •Some diet foods are actually quite affordable. I’m eating Special K cereal bars for breakfast and snacks. I have a bunch of coupons for these and bought them on sale, so they were only 33 cents each!
    •We’re using our health club memberships quite a bit more. This doesn’t save us money, but it does make good use of the money we already spent on memberships.
    •With all the extra exercise we’re doing, we don’t have a lot of free time to go shopping, so we’re spending less on clothes, CD’s, etc.
    •I often receive free boxed lunches at work. I used to eat the whole thing for lunch, until I discovered that a whole box lunch has about 1,000 calories. Now I eat half and save the rest for another meal, so I am able to get two meals for free.
    •We’ve stopped buying expensive processed snack foods and started buying inexpensive fruits and vegetables.

    So far I’ve lost ten pounds! Saving cash is a nice bonus on top of it all.


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