• Her Career Is Going To Be The End Of Us!!! OMG We Should Like, Break Up!!!

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    After I read this Forbes article, I was seriously thinking that maybe I should call off the marriage. Maybe this guy is right: career women are BAD. Since I’ve read this article, I had trouble sleeping last night, dreaming that my children would constantly ask me, “Daddy, where’s Mommy?” or “Whey doesn’t Mommy live here anymore?” or “Why was Mommy making out with that homeless looking hipster listening to they-call-it-ironic-everyone-else-calls-it-crap music?” I fear for my future.

    Apparently, the slideshow that accompanied this article originally was taken down, probably because it was sooo right! (edit: the original slideshow text can be found here – still looking for the pictures) I mean, look at all of these SMART people talking about it! I think that the slideshow was duly replicated on this blog, or maybe this one! Right on!

    Men, we must band together to fight this threat! The threat of women with university degrees, who work more than 35 hours a week, and who make more than $30,000! Who’s with me?

    We’re going to have a terrible marriage. Wish us luck.

    (…and because the internet is such a fun place, I’m actually going to put a disclaimer here saying that this post is dripping with wet hot sarcasm…)

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