• Greetings to UK Visitors

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    Today we’ve been featured on “The Click” in today’s UK Times Online. We’d like to thank whoever graciously nominated us to be featured! If we weren’t anonymous, we’d send you some cookies or something; but since we are, we’re just going to eat them all ourselves.

    For all of the UK readers, is this a pretty major newspaper over there? I have no idea.

    Here’s the write up:

    The blog makelovenotdebt.com is a tale of young love beset by debt. A couple owe more than $90,000 in student loans and credit card bills, but still want a wedding to remember. How? By becoming ingenious savers, ditching expensive haircuts and collecting free cans of Coke.

    Ditching expensive haircuts? NEVER!

    Welcome, UK readers. Click around, have some…uh…tea?


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