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    Food is funny. We all have to eat to survive, for nourishment, for that oh-so-great feeling of a full stomach. Some deem food and eating as a trivial necessity, in the same category of light bulbs or putting gas in their car. These people would be quite satisfied in unhinging their jaw like a snake and pouring the food in. These people probably don’t want to spend much money in food costs.

    Others, I would assume the most of us, like to experience varying levels of flavor in our food with the minimum amount of fuss and the maximum amount of nutrition. Of course that combination can’t always be obtained, so sometimes they have to make do. These people mix up eating out and eating in, and want to enjoy the meals rather than treating it like a chore. This crowd will plunk down affordable amounts of dough (GET IT?!?!? HAHAHA) for a good meal.

    Then there are the foodies. Never eat at fast food restaurants, calling the grub “dreck.” Knows the chefs at five star restaurants. Can tell you the best place for foie gras (which was recently banned in our town of Chicago).

    This is pretty old news to many in the Chicago area, but the restaurant Alinea has been crowned foodie heaven. The price? The eight course meal will run $75 a person. Twelve courses is $110 a person. The real reason to go there, though, would be to experience the $175 per person 24-course meal marathon that lasts more than 6 hours. This doesn’t even include beverages, but I’ve heard that a wine flight included with the meal will run another $80. Imagine the tip you’d have to leave! For a good dose of Alinea food porn, local Chicago blog Skillet Doux chronicled the 24-course event on his blog.

    We love to eat out, but a meal like this would seriously set us back in the finances department. When we do eat out, we usually hit up the local neighborhood fare instead of the trendier places in town. We find we get better service and great food at good prices. That doesn’t mean that I would never consider eating here…maybe when we win the lottery.

    Would you ever spend that much money on one meal? What was the most amount of money you have ever spent on one meal?


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