• You Spent How Much?!?!?: Take Our First Ever Poll

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    Before Her and I were properly engaged and our money all lived in one place, we didn’t have to own up to anyone concerning our individual purchases. In the past, Her would come home with $500 shoes, and I’d just go back to playing Playstation. I’d come home with a $200 remote control, and she’d shrug. I shudder to think what our finances would look like if we continued to do that.

    Since we’ve combined our money we’re much more cautious about what we spend on money on. We’re hyperaware of the debts and bills that we have to pay each month, so we’re careful about how much of the joint account money can go towards clothes and eating out. While we do have our own personal allowance accounts, sometimes there’s a nice decorative piece, a great sale on clothes, or dinner out with friends that pops up when we’re out and about by ourselves. Sometimes we’ll call each other, to ask if a purchase is okay. Sometimes we won’t. While most of the time the decision is left to common sense, there are definitely times that we find ourselves in a gray area of decision making.

    Spending $50 without letting Her know makes me feel a little uncomfortable. If it’s $100, I’ll ask – I’d rather err on the side of caution than risk coming home and getting sent straight to the doghouse. What about you?


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