• Yahoo Picks [On] Us, Calls Us Names

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    We’re featured as Yahoo’s pick of the day. They even had a nice write-up about us:

    Recently engaged, Him and Her are putting it all on the line–the bottom line–in this financial blog. The Chicago couple owns up to massive debt from credit card abuse and student loans, but they are bravely and honestly addressing the thorny issues of money and relationships. With coupon coups and balance transfers, they’re reducing debt and saving up for a fancy wedding. They’ve even figured out how to make money from sex, legally and with no moral qualms. Of course, the path to holy matrimony hasn’t always been smooth. Her went a little Bridezilla about the wedding budget, and Him still indulges his metrosexual tendencies. But for the past seven months, they’ve stuck to a practical plan and are making good financial choices. Stay tuned to see if they make it down the aisle without adding debt to the guest list.

    Thanks, Yahoo. Now when are you going to let us try out YPN?!?!?


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