• Whole Foods, Whole Budget

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    We recently tried our hand at grocery shopping at Whole Foods, a grocery store that offers natural and organic foods. While we aren’t vegetarian, we also aren’t ignorant about the pitfalls of processed foods.

    After one round through the store, we decided that Whole Foods probably isn’t for us. I quickly estimated that the basic food prices are 2-4 times what we pay at the big grocery chains, and some products cost as much as 10 times more than we usually pay. On top of that, you can’t use popular brand coupons or rebates, including UPromise. And although Whole Foods did have some items on sale, the sale prices were typically just a few cents off, not the buy-one-get-one-free kind that I hunt for.

    We estimated that shopping regularly at Whole Foods would require us to increase our grocery budget by about 100% or more. We decided that although the grocery items at Whole Foods are probably better for our health, we cannot justify the added expense. We may stop in for a few special items, like sodium-free peanut butter, but it won’t become our main source for staples.


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