• Sell Out, Destroy Your Credibility, And Make Money At The Same Time!

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    While it seems especially prevalent (and quite ridiculous for some) in the personal finance blog community, advertising on blogs is fairly commonplace in the blogosphere. We all like to make a few bucks here or there by pursuing a hobby. Google ads, text-link ads, affiliate banners, and the ever popular referral link are some of the most common methods bloggers use to monetize their message.

    Due to ad blindness, software that blocks ads, and general dislike towards advertising in general, advertisers are looking for innovative ways to get their messages into the hands of the people who will buy their products.

    Fortunately for advertisers, but unfortunately for the internet as a whole, PayPerPost offers a service that will clog up Google’s index with even more spam: they will pay bloggers to drum up some buzz about a specific company.

    Bloggers are supposed to be grass-roots and largely un-tempted by money in order to bring the frontline news to the masses. The minute an author is paid by a company to pimp its product is the minute I deem him a sell-out, a corporate drone, a puppet. If a few bucks can persuade an author to write a good review, what else will that person say for some extra cash?

    We have ads on our site, because, well, WE’RE BROKE. But for the record, the content at Make Love, Not Debt will NEVER be influenced by the advertising on this site. We’d rather call it quits than let that ever happen.

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