• Regret Blowing A Large Sum of Money

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    A few days ago at lunch, a coworker was telling a story on how his parking space to his newly bought condo was less than ideal. He was pretty upset about it all day, so of course we were giving him a hard time. His response:

    “You’d be pissed too if you dropped $10,000 on a shitty parking spot.”

    On the way back to the office, another coworker asked me what was the most money that I spend on something that I completely regretted. Good question…

    $200 on a remote control

    $200 on a second subwoofer (but the first one died eventually…)

    $200 on a blackjack table one night

    $34587345897 on beer

    Hmmm…there seems to be a pattern here of $200.

    I told my coworker of these things and he was a little surprised that I hadn’t blown more money. The explanation was easy – as soon as I got out of grad school, I went into debt reduction mode. Also, I haven’t even been out of school long enough to amass a large chunk of change to blow on anything. Maybe in ten years the answer to that question will be more interesting.

    What is the largest sum of money you regret spending?


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