• Granite Countertops Are the New Avocado

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    As part of the recent real estate boom, people have been pouring money into kitchen renovations, often upgrading with expensive finishes and appliances. Some of these trendy purchases are bound to end up just like the avocado stove – a dated eyesore. This article, On the Way Out?, attempts to predict which are the likely candidates and why. Topping out their list…

    The Above-Counter Sink
    This style lost its expensive cache when inexpensive knock-offs flooded the market. They require frequent cleaning and aren’t that functional.

    Matte Stone Countertops
    These require so much care that many are sure to be discolored and chipped within a few years.

    Glass Cabinet Doors
    They look great…until you put things inside the cabinet.

    Built-In Flat Panel TV’s
    When technology changes, replacing these built-ins could require costly repair to walls and ceilings.

    Tumbled Stone Flooring
    The texture of these floors attract dirt, and cheap knock-offs are readily available.

    Your best bet for timeless appeal? Choose a clean, classic style that compliments the design of the home and maximizes light and functionality.


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