• Don’t Void Your Mattress Warranty

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    Last week we woke up, looked at each other, and simultaneously said, “We need a new mattress.” Thus we ushered in the major-purchase-research phase. While researching mattress warrantees, I discovered there are a lot of ways you can accidentally void your warranty. So to keep your warranty in tact, follow these rules.

    1. Don’t remove the “don’t remove” tag. It contains information you will need to make any warranty claims. No tag = no warranty.

    2. Always use the correct box spring for your mattress. They work together to extend the life of your mattress. Wrong box spring = no warranty.

    3. Always use the correct bed frame to support your mattress. Some warrantees require the bed frame to provide supports at the center of the bed, not just around the edges.

    4. Protect the mattress with a mattress cover to avoid stains. Stains generally void the warranty. However, if you already have a stain, it may be possible to have it professionally cleaned and restore the warranty.


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