• Cha-Ching! 144 Free Cans of Soda

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    gross-soda.jpgThis week I went on a rebate rampage and earned us 144 free cans of soda. Both Dominicks and CVS are offering a promotion where you can purchase four 12-packs of soda for $10, and get a rebate for $10, making the soda essentially free (except for sales tax and a stamp, of course). The offers do not conflict, meaning that you can get all three. Two of the offers are for select Coke products while one is for select Pepsi products.

    Total value of freebies: $3.99 per 12-pack (at regular prices), for twelve 12-packs: $47.88. Still, not as good as my record freebie value, $76.

    Actually, I suppose I really only got 143 free cans. I accidentally cut one open when I was removing the UPC from the box. Oops!


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